viernes, marzo 21, 2008

Marzo 2008 mes de actividades comerciales

Let's be honest. Facilities management can be a tough business. Without the requisite knowledge and tools, promotions and career advancement seem non-existent.
When it comes to kickstarting your career, education is key.
And if you're ready to take the necessary next steps for professional advancement, I know you'll be interested in a Web seminar series we are teaching in cooperation with BOMI and Building Operating Management magazine. It's called the Master Facility Executive Seminar Series and it's loaded with information every facility management professional needs to succeed. Learn all about it at:
The Master Facility Executive program begins April 2 and runs through June 18, and includes six Web-based seminars, each including a 75-minute video presentation led by a BOMI facilitator and subject matter expert; valuable course discussions and classroom interaction; and supplemental reading materials. An orientation session is scheduled for Wednesday, March 26.One of the things we are most excited about with this program - and something that makes it extra special from other online courses - is that you'll have the opportunity to personally interact with us. So if you have questions or want to bounce ideas off of me, you can - live and one-on-one.
Each of the six career-enhancing Web seminars addresses an important aspect of facility management as a means toward career advancement. Topics include:

* Thinking Like a CEO
* Creating Your Executive Brand
* The Business of the Bottom Line
* The Art of Negotiations
* Lead and They Will Follow
* Positioning the Organization
Collectively, they will make you a well-rounded facility management professional, ripe for promotion. Following the program, a test will be administered to earn your Master Facility Executive certification and nine CPD points from BOMI.
There are so many more great benefits offered by the Master Facility Executive Certification program, but there's not enough room to cram them all into this e-mail. For even more information and to register visit:
WE look forward to talking with you personally.
P. Marc Fischer, CPM®, RPA, CCIM

P.S. Space is limited for the Master Facility Executive Certification program. Sign up today to ensure your place in this career-advancing event.

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